Finally Explained – Three Conditions That Back Fusion Surgery Can Cure

Have you been struggling with agonising pain that’s been grinding you down for years? Have you tried every non-surgical treatment but to no avail? This article will highlight three common back problems that back fusion surgery can cure, giving you hope that you haven’t reached the end of the line.

For a person struggling with scoliosis, the amount of pain endured on a daily basis is terrible. Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine. Instead of the spine appearing straight on an x-ray, the spine instead appears to look like an “S” or a “C”. The more severe cases of Scoliosis can cause breathing trouble due to lung capacity decreasing and putting pressure on the heart. One of the most profound issues of Scoliosis is that physical activity will become limited. Scoliosis most often affects adolescent girls, sometimes taking away from the girl being able to participate in school activities. Scoliosis is typically treated with some type of brace. In the most severe cases, back fusion surgery can help treat Scoliosis. There would be less movement of the spine, however with this surgery the curve wouldn’t get any worse. ใบเจียร

Another use for back fusion surgery is when someone is suffering from a herniated disc. A herniated disk is simply when the disc between the vertebrae ruptures. When the disc ruptures, sometimes it can bulge out of the area between the vertebrae. The disc normally provides cushion for the vertebrae. Without the disc in place as it should be, the nerves can be pinched. A pinched nerve in the spinal column is what causes the pain of a herniated disc. Someone with a herniated disc will likely have pain when moving certain ways as well as tingling and numbness. Depending on where the herniated disc is located, the pain and tingling will either be in the legs or in the arms. When the back is fused in the area where the herniated disc is located it will prevent the nerves from being pinched, thus alleviating the patient of the issues related to the herniated disc. In most situations, the herniated disc is left alone to heal and surgery is not necessary.

Scheuermann’s disease can also be treated by back fusion surgery. Scheuermann’s disease is the name for a condition in which the vertebrae grow unevenly. This is a childhood skeletal disease. Scheuermann’s disease eventually creates a curve of the top of the spine similar to a hunchback. This disease can be mild, however in severe cases there can be heart and lung difficulties. The cause of this disease is unknown but there are several factors that lead to it. Before surgery is ever considered one of a few different types of braces will be tried to treat the disease.

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