How CPAP Trials For New Patients Work

Sleep apnea is a terrible condition. It is a sleep disorder characterized by a halt in breathing while a person is asleep. Sometimes, some people will not breathe for at least 10 seconds while they’re sleeping. This can happen many times during the night.

Many people suffer from this disease, without them knowing it. If you think that you have it, the people close to you will give you answers. After all, you will forget that you were not able to breathe for some time during the night upon waking. The people close to you, however, will notice if you have difficulty breathing while you’re sleeping. Sleep apnea can also lead to other conditions that you will eventually notice. Common symptoms are sleepiness during the days, fatigue, and experiencing sleep disturbances.

Knowing if you have sleep apnea and how to help yourself is not exactly as easy as noticing if you have flu symptoms. However, there is a way for you to find out. If you have been complaining of symptoms similar to sleep apnea, your doctor will recommend a “sleep study.”

Wired Up for Bed

A “sleep study” is a thorough observation of your sleeping behavior. When you agree to one, you will be asked to go to a clinic or hospital early in the night. An attendant will explain to you the whole procedure and all the machines needed for the diagnoses. Before you fall asleep, many wires will be attached to your body. These wires will measure your brain activity, eye movements, heart rate, and muscle activity while you’re sleeping.

After analysis, if your doctor finds out that you have sleep apnea, he will recommend several ways for you to deal with your sleep disorder. If he sees that your airway seals while you’re sleeping, a CPAP will be advised. Sleep Health

CPAP Trials for New Patients

CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. It is a method used to make your airway unobstructed while you’re asleep. This happens by having a machine flow constant air pressure through your nose. A CPAP machine, however, does not come with the pressure already set. Your doctor or an expert is needed to set the pressure in a way that you will find comfortable and relieves you of your sleep apnea. You will need to do one of the CPAP trials for new patients first.

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