Hydroponics Vs Traditional – Which Is Ideal for You?

Hydroponics is set aside from traditional gardening. To begin, there is no soil involved in the growing of plants. The theory is that this is a more productive method to supply food and water to the plants. In hydroponics soil is considered to be like a stable block for plants. They do not actually need the soil, but only the food and water that are found in the soil. Hydroponics offers many improvements over traditional gardening such as a faster growth rate among plants.

Hydroponics includes specific equipment including: water, a container or containers or tubes for planting material, lights- in which there are two types of- blue lights for growing plants and a high pressure sodium light for flowering plants, ventilation system and an odor control system.

A hydroponics grow box is used as the growing system for the plants and provides a self contained environment. The automated growing systems contain the lighting, intake and exhaust fan system used for ventilation, a hydroponics system for growing, and an odor control system which is used to remove strong smells and odors. The hydroponics grow box is typically simple to use and popular among year round gardeners who wish to grow out of season plants. The advantage of the hydroponics grow box is that the gardener is able to create the ideal environment for the plant assuring optimal growth.

To grow your own plants using a hydroponics system you will need to equip yourself with a grow box as well with the necessary equipment which provides the environment for the plants growth. There are many advantages to growing your plants through a hydroponics system such as growing produce organically, without the use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides. You are also conserving water as hydroponics uses a considerable lesser amount of water. As with traditional gardening and growing, there is quite a bit of maintenance involved in the growing of the plant, this is another advantage to hydroponics gardens as maintenance is low. Hydroponically grown plants also grow 30-50% faster than with soil-based gardening. hydroponics wholesaler

Many homes enjoy hydroponics gardens as they are able to grow produce year-round, enjoying out of season fruits and vegetables and a tremendous savings in their grocery bill. The cost to get started is relatively minor. Many hydroponics gardeners construct their own hydroponics grow box and purchase the supplies through discount outlets such as those online. Since all plants are grown from seeds, the gardener doesn’t have to purchase any expensive plants.

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